Spectacular Views and Seafood

Hakodate (函館) is Hokkaido’s third largest city, located at the island’s southern tip. 

Hakodate is best known for the spectacular views to be enjoyed from Mount Hakodate and its delicious, fresh seafood.

Hakodate is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hokkaido. With beautiful sceneries, historical buildings, hot springs, delicious food and various events constantly on offer, the city abounds with both urban charm and natural beauty.

Top Attractions

Best places to go in Hakodate
Pentagram Shape Park

Goryokaku Park

The Site of Goryokaku Fort is designated as a national special historic site. It is a park blessed with nature and you can enjoy walking around through the beautiful scenery in four seasons: Cherry blossoms in the spring, green trees in the summer, autumn leaves in the fall and snow in the winter. The observation floors are adjacent to the Goryokaku Tower. 

Best Seafood Here

Hakodate Morning Market

The Japanese port town elegance, and landscape is located just right here! Seafood starting with crabs and salmon come directly from the farms. It is extremely super fresh and for sale in Hokkaido. After midday however, it’s not uncommon for things to be sold out. An ideal strategy would be to visit the morning market as early as you can. 

Money in Hot Springs

Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden

A tropical botanical garden, heated by a hot spring. Its polygonal greenhouse contains around 3000 tropical plants in 300 varieties. Outside, from December until mid May, you can see monkeys warm themselves up in the Monkey Mountain hot spring. There’s also a foot bath.

Atmospheric Shopping Complex

Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse

The Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse is a commercial complex that consists of four facilities, which were built after renovating an old red brick warehouse built in 1909. Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse was the first commercial warehouse in Hakodate and has witnessed the history of the city through its warehousing business. As one of the symbols of the Hakodate bay area that still reminds us much of the early days of the shipping industry, Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse will continue to witness the history of Hakodate forever and offer every visitor a beautiful, unforgettable time.

Best Photo Spot

Hachiman-zaka Slope

Named for the Hakodate Hachiman Shrine, which has since moved. The Hachiman-zaka Slope is known for its splendid rows of trees and its views of Hakodate Bay with the Seikan Ferry Memorial Ship “Mashu-maru” in the distance.

One of the 3 Best Nightviews in the World

Mount Hakodate

Mount Hakodate is a 334-meter high, wooded mountain at the southern end of the peninsula on which much of central Hakodate is located. On clear days and nights, the views from the mountain are spectacular and included among Japan’s three best night views alongside the views from Nagasaki’s Mount Inasa and Kobe’s Mount Rokko.

Former Residential Area of Foreign Traders

Motomachi Park

The Motomachi Park is a green park in the Yamate district of Yokohama. You can enjoy the cherry blossoms in the spring, and the waterscape creates a cool space in the summer. In the park, there are many historically valuable things such as Gérard’s water house ruins and Yamate 80th building ruins. In addition, there are the Yamate 234 building of the Yokohama Yamate Westernstyle building, the Ehrismann House, and the Berwick Hall, all of which can be visited for free. 

A paradise for nature lovers

Ōnuma Quasi-National Park

Onuma Quasi-National Park showcases the most beautiful appearance, and you can feel the shine of the three new views of Japan during the autumn leaves season from mid-October to early November. 

Take a moment to embrace and enjoy the beautiful leaves of maple, kashiwa, and Nara.

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